Cltch Beta

Beta User Guide

Thank you for joining Cltch beta!
As a priority beta tester, we consider you part of the team. We’ve been working hard to get the platform running as smoothly as possible, however Cltch is still a work in progress. We are already working on a list of bugs and improvements, but we need your feedback as well.

Getting Started

1) Create an account
2) Complete the onboarding tutorial
3) Fill out your profile details


Adding Reptiles

Use the “Add Reptile” feature to add individual reptiles to your collection. We recommend adding several adult males and females to get started.

Adding Clutches

Once adult animals have been added to your collection, you can use them to create clutches using the “Add Clutch” feature. Try adding some that are currently incubating as well as some that have already hatched as to test both processes.

Bulk Upload

The Bulk Upload feature allows you to add multiple reptiles to your collection at once via spreadsheet upload. This is the most effective and efficient way to onboard large collections.

Bulk upload is currently being overhauled in anticipation of the official launch and many improvements are underway. As of now, you will need to format your spreadsheet carefully to make sure your animal’s genetics are interpreted correctly. We recommend first testing with no more than 1-2 dozen animals at a time to familiarize yourself with the present functionality and prevent roadblocks. 

Tips for known issues:

  • The system doesn’t recognize labels such as double het, triple het, etc. Please list morphs individually. E.g: Pastel Clown Het Hypo Het Pied
  • Possible hets do not properly register if abbreviated morph names are used. Please write the full morph name instead. E.g. 66% Het Piebald

Action Center

You can build relationships between animals imported during a bulk upload via the Action Center. Here, you will be prompted to confirm clutch associations and assign parentage to the generated clutches. This fleshes out lineages within your collection and allows you to explore more extensive family trees on individual reptile pages.

Snake Social

Connect with other beta testers through the Snake Social page. Visit their public incubators to explore the clutches they have shared and join their waitlists.


Join other users’ waitlists via their public incubator pages. Try making requests with a variety of conditions and parameters – you can always edit or delete them later on the “Sent Requests” tab of the Waitlist page.

On the “Received Requests” tab, you can check out the waitlist requests users have submitted to you. Cltch will let you know when you add or hatch a match!