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General Questions

Cltch started as a personal project by Kinova to overhaul their website’s incubator records page with a badly needed tech upgrade. This project expanded to create a basic Ball Python inventory system for Kinova. As that objective took shape, the power and simplicity of it surprised the team! We started to see how it could be an amazing tool for breeders and hobbyists everywhere.

In May 2021, Kinova and the development team met for a brainstorming session in Washington DC. Over 6 hours we hammered out a plan of what Cltch could become and how to share it with the entire Ball Python community!

Cltch will become your trusted tool to manage your Ball Python collection, track genetics, and share your work with the world. We are focused on simplicity and deep technology so you can spend your time with animals, not spreadsheets. When you have questions about your collection, lineage, or genetics, or want to plan your future, Cltch is available wherever you are. 

Cltch was built to keep the user experience as straightforward as possible while tackling the unique challenges of increasing genetic complexity. With Ball Python combos becoming ever more complicated, tracking genetics accurately by incorporating lineage information and genetic shed testing is becoming critical. To do this well, the program must be complex behind the scenes but simple to the user. We’ve chosen to leave animal care to you. We don’t track sheds, feeding, or cleaning. Cltch holds your collection data behind the scenes so you can spend your time with your snakes, not data entry.

No! To order genetic testing, just create a free account and order your test – you do not need a paid account to get started.

Privacy and Data

Your data is only accessible to senior developers at MethodData, the software company that built Cltch. These developers have undergone a strict certification process on privacy and data security and do not look at your data unless necessary to make a change requested by you. 

Your data is stored on an encrypted Amazon Web Services (AWS) database managed by MethodData. Each client’s data is separated into a NoSQL database.

Your data is completely encrypted at rest. The services which access the data and present it to you via browser talk to the database using access keys and secret keys, as well as role-based access control. Our developers at MethodData underwent a strict testing and certification process to become official AWS Partners. They regularly communicate with AWS to review our security and architecture.

The website sees your data by generating a server side token based on cryptographic challenges initiated when you log in to your Cltch account. Your data is encrypted in the same manner as MethodData’s financial and healthcare clients. 

No, we do not share your data with anyone outside the development team at MethodData. Our business model is based solely on subscription revenue from Premium users. We don’t sell any user data.

We want you to have a safe, secure, and pleasant experience on Cltch. If you have any questions about our privacy or anything else on the platform, please feel free to reach out to us at:

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