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Snake Social

Connect with other breeders and share your clutches on Snake Social.

Breeder Stats

The Breeder Stats bar at the top of the Snake Social page shows metrics about your account.
Only you can see this information.

Click on Followers to see who follows you.

Click Following to see the list of Cltch users you follow.

Breeder Cards

Breeder Cards display the name, logo image, and number of public clutches for each breeder.
Anyone can see this information.

Breeders will only show up on Snake Social if their profile is set to Public

Public Incubators

Your Public Incubator showcases your past and upcoming public clutches.

From your Public Incubator page, users can submit requests to join your waitlist.
Learn more about waitlisting.

Customizing Your Public Incubator

Read our guide on Customizing your public incubator to get tips on adding your branding and changing your Breeder Name.

Changing Privacy Settings

To change your Incubator privacy settings:

1. Go to Snake Social by finding it in the left navigation menu.

2. Switch the toggle from Public to Private
Your profile will no longer be able to be found on Snake Social.
If you change your mind, simply switch the toggle back to Public.

To remain visible on Snake Social but keep some or all of your clutches private, change the privacy of your clutches.

Using Snake Social

Snake Social allows you to discover other breeders and view their Public Incubators. Following a user allows you to easily access their Public Incubator later.

How to View Other Breeder’s Public Incubators

1. Go to Snake Social

2. Browse the list of Breeder Cards.

Type a query in the “Search” bar to find a specific user by name.
Use the “Sort” filter to change the order in which users appear.

3. Click on a user’s Breeder Card to see their Public Incubator.

How to Follow or Unfollow Users

  1. Go to Snake Social
  2. Tap Follow on their Breeder Card to add them to your Following list. Tap Unfollow to remove them.